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Venice, California, IICRC Certified Cleaning Company CALL (310) 403-7443

Has it been a long time since you had your carpet cleaned? Being located on the coastline of Los Angeles, Venice is a trendy beach attraction that keeps its neighbors preoccupied by the town’s art, creativity, and good vibes. SteamPro is here to remind you that having your carpet professionally steam cleaned on a regular basis can avoid dust and allergen build-up. If you love your carpet as much as we do, then call us for professional carpet cleaning in Venice at (310) 403-7443. We can help you prevent aging of your carpets keeping them luxurious and clean. A great reason to keep your carpet cleaned is to ensure that you get your full security deposit, if you live in an apartment. In addition to that, keeping your carpet cleaned will stop the accumulation of large amounts of dust, dirt and allergens that a simple refined professional cleaning can take care of. Deep cleaning your rugs , furniture or carpet will not only guarantee a healthier environment; it will also preserve the cha

Santa Monica, California, IICRC Certified Cleaning Company CALL (310) 403-7443

Living in the Santa Monica zip codes, 90401, 90402, 90403, 90404 and 90405 offers a fun free-spirited beach lifestyle with an unbeatable location, extensive entertainment options and tons of recreation. However, living so close to the beach doesn’t help to keep your carpet, luxurious rugs or furniture sand free. Chances are, at any random time you can find sand in between the tiny fibers that vacuuming may not fully tackle. This is where SteamPro comes to the rescue, giving you a complete and professional deep carpet cleaning in Santa Monica . If you have been thinking about scheduling a cleaning service but get distracted with the whirlwind of life, don’t worry we will take care of you.  Large amounts of dust, dirt and allergens, accumulate daily and can be harmful to your health. It is important to prevent an unexpected heath scare by being proactive and having your carpet, rugs or upholstery steam cleaned . At SteamPro we gladly come to your home and professionally steam clean